Top 4 Social Events in Sports Betting this year

Since sports betting has been legalized in a number of states in the US, people are getting more curious about it. More people are now participating in this type of bets. Sports betting is now legal in Pennsylvania as well. However, only recently there has been some growth in this market.

If you live in Pennsylvania and have an interest in sports betting then you can learn more about sports betting by participating in different social events related to sports betting.

A number of social events are held across the US and other countries so that people can learn more about it. Here are some top events that you can attend this year.

social events people sitting - Top 4 Social Events in Sports Betting this year

Betting on Sports America 2019

Betting on Sports America is one of the largest events in the US on sports betting. It will attract about 1,500 executives from sports betting, casinos, lotteries, and other sectors. Nearly 200 speakers will speak on various topics related to the sports betting market.

There will be about 60 exhibitors in the event. You will be able to attend dinner parties and it will be a great opportunity for networking and business.

Date: 23 – 25 April

Venue: New Jersey

All American Sports Betting Summit

Sports has a special place in the hearts of Americans and they enjoy betting on different sports. Football and baseball, in particular, are the most loved games. The recent laws passed in regard to sports betting has created a huge opportunity in this market.

If you are into sports betting or want to open your own sports betting shop, then you should participate in this event.

Whether you live in Pennsylvania or any other state, you can come to New Jersey for this event and learn a lot of things about this industry from the professionals.

The event will be attended by internationally acclaimed sports betting professionals. They will share their secrets of success in this market.

Date: 18 – 19 June

Venue: New Jersey

Betting on Sports

It is one of the largest sports betting conferences in the world.  If you are part of this gaming industry then you must participate in this event. There will be more than 3,000 high-level delegates and nearly 300 industry best speakers who will be talking at this event. There will be more than 60 conference sessions.

Date: 17 – 20 September

Venue: Lonon, UK

There will be a huge exhibition area with more than 140 exhibitors. There will be a Hall of Fame Awards night and networking party where you will get to meet the best people in the industry. This event can create new business opportunities for you.

These events give you a platform to learn and exchange ideas. You get to meet the best people from the industry and learn from their experience.

If you are thinking of opening a sports betting business in Pennsylvania then it’s a wonderful opportunity for you to learn more about this industry and find out about the growth aspect of this market.

You will be able to find your perfect business partner as well by participating in these events.

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