Exit is a skateboard shop, art gallery, and alternative venue founded in October 2001. Independently owned and operated by Philadelphia skateboarder Steve Miller. It is located at 825 N. 2nd St in the heart of the Northern Liberties shopping district.

Exit has become Philadelphia’s preeminent home for it’s underground subcultures.  Working hand and hand with some of the best companies in skateboarding, world-renowned artists, musicians, and designers to bring its patrons a truly unique and welcoming environment.

The Shop

Exit’s 2,000 square ft bi-level loft design provides a perfect home for it’s large selection of skateboards, footwear, apparel, and accessories.

The Arts

Part of Exit’s design was offering a multi-use space for the community to use as they see fit. Our first floor has a full gallery, open floor plan, 30 ft ceilings with gallery lighting, and host exhibitions regularly organized by artist, designers, or brands. Exit also holds film premieres, video exhibitions, and live music performances. We understand the importance, and impact the artistic community provides skateboarding, and we use every opportunity to make it an integral part of our shop and mission statement.

The Community

Exit has been a driving force in the community, advocating the benefits of skateboarding as an artistic expression and healthy lifestyle for kids and adults alike. We have been working hand-in-hand with 5th Pocket Design, The Philadelphia Parks and Recreation and local non-profits to transform under-utilized public space into skateboard-friendly spaces. We are very proud to say that the first of many parks of this kind POP’s was completed in the summer of 09’ thanks to the help of the friends and family of Exit.

The Good-Times

Last but not least. Exit has always been a firm believer that skateboarding is well… Pretty much the radest damn thing in the world, and with that we are surrounded by endless good-times and the people ready to live them. We throw skate-jams, demos, B.B.Q’s, bus trips, skatepark tours, video premieres, autograph signings, pre-parties, post-parties, etc etc. Maybe it’s 500+ screaming kids packed in a skatepark or just 3 old dudes playing SKATE in a parking lot… Exit backs it 100%.

If you have any event, art show, brand, idea, etc that you would like to send our way… Drop us a line at Shop@ExitPhiladelphia.com

Shop Hours

Monday- Saturday 12:00pm-8:00pm

Sunday 12:00-5:00pm