Top 5 Books on Sports Betting That You Must Read

Sports betting is a favorite pastime for many people today. You not only enjoy the sports but get to bet on the team you think will win. It gives you an opportunity to win money. Sports betting is now legalized in many states in the US, including Pennsylvania.

As it’s quite new in Pennsylvania, people don’t know much about sports betting.

Instead of throwing a dart in the dark, if you know the right strategies then you will be able to win bets. Here are some great books on sports betting that you can read to gain more knowledge about it.

Lay the Favorite

top 5 books Lay the Favorite

By – Beth Raymer

The author of this book spent years learning about gambling in Central America. He worked for many years as an agent for a bookie. By reading this book you will not only be able to learn about sports betting but will also get to know about the betting underworld.

Sharp Sports Betting

top 5 books Sharp Sports Betting

By – Stanford Wong

If you want to be a successful bettor then you must read this book. It is also considered to be the bible of sports betting. You will learn from the basics to the trickiest parts of sports betting. This book will teach you how to think like a winning bettor.

Fixed-Odds Sports Betting

top 5 books Fixed-Odds Sports Betting

By – Joseph Buchdal

This book will teach you how to beat the bookmaker, risk management strategies, how to protect your profits, and more. You will get lots of tips to win bets on different sports.

The Signal & the Noise

top 5 books The Signal & the Noise

By – Nate Silver

The author is great at predicting baseball and elections. He is a great author and his predictions have turned out to be almost accurate. He has developed a system for predicting the performance of baseball.

You will learn how to pick the actual signal from a bunch of noisy data. He uses statistical tools and reads historical data to analyze each match.

Weighing the Odds in Sports Betting

top 5 books Weighing the Odds in Sports Betting

By – King Yao

This book covers the basics of sports betting. You will also get to know about some of the advanced concepts of sports betting. There are sections on hedging, middling, etc. You will find useful information on betting on different sports.

If you are serious about sports betting then you must read these books. The books contain lots of information on sports betting.

You will be able to learn how to analyze the various historical data and make a calculated prediction. You must read some of these books to become a professional sports bettor.


8 Most Anticipated Sports Betting Events this year

Sports events are exciting. Sports betting exhilarate this excitement to a new level. Imagine what it feels like supporting your favorite team and winning money when your team wins the match or sporting event. The feeling is beyond description and is now available in many US states as reported by Betting News since the regulations have been changing.

If you live in Pennsylvania then you have lots of reasons to be excited. Sports betting is now legal in Pennsylvania and so you can bet on the biggest sporting events taking place this year. Here are the top events you can look forward to.

Tiger Woods Plays at the Masters


Date: 11 – 14 April

If you are fond of golf, then you will look up to this mega golf event this year. You must have noticed how Tiger Woods made a comeback to the golf scene after winning the Tour Championship last year.

If you want to see how far he can go with his golfing skills, then you must watch this event. The bettors are eager to bet on him. However, there are chances of him losing as well. So, you can try your luck by betting on this major golf event this year.

2019 Kentucky Derby


Date: 3 – 4 May

If you are into horseracing then you must not miss this event. It is the fastest two-minute sport and a very exciting one at that. Even the casual fans of horse racing wait eagerly to watch this race. You can bet on this event.

2019 NBA Finals


Date: 30 May – onwards

You will see your favorite basketball teams play head-to-head to win the trophy. Betting on this event can be very exciting. You can analyze the team and players and bet on the team that has the biggest chance of winning.

2019 Stanley Cup Finals


Date: Late May-Early June

It can be extremely fun betting on the Stanley Cup Finals this year. The competition is very fierce and each team has an almost equal chance of winning. So, you will also have a 50% chance of winning your bet.

2019 UEFA Champions League Final


Date: June 1

This football tournament will be played in Madrid this year. It is a must-watch sports event. You can place several bets on this event.



Date: July 1-14

For the ultimate tennis challenge, you should watch Wimbledon this year. You will see some of the greatest tennis matches here. It will be fun to bet on the event.

The International 2019

Date: 20 – 25 August

It is one of the biggest esports events that will take place in Shanghai. This is the first time it’s going to be held in Asia. It will attract millions of fans across the globe, and it can be a thrilling experience to bet on this mega event.

2019 MLB World Series

Date: 22 -30 October

The big names Red Sox, Yankees, Dodgers, Astros, and others will compete in this event. You must watch this event and place your bet on your favorite one.

All these sports events are worth betting. You need to be careful when you bet on a team or player. It is important to do thorough research so that you can bet intelligently.