Top 5 Books on Sports Betting That You Must Read

Sports betting is a favorite pastime for many people today. You not only enjoy the sports but get to bet on the team you think will win. It gives you an opportunity to win money. Sports betting is now legalized in many states in the US, including Pennsylvania.

As it’s quite new in Pennsylvania, people don’t know much about sports betting.

Instead of throwing a dart in the dark, if you know the right strategies then you will be able to win bets. Here are some great books on sports betting that you can read to gain more knowledge about it.

Lay the Favorite

top 5 books Lay the Favorite - Top 5 Books on Sports Betting That You Must Read

By – Beth Raymer

The author of this book spent years learning about gambling in Central America. He worked for many years as an agent for a bookie. By reading this book you will not only be able to learn about sports betting but will also get to know about the betting underworld.

Sharp Sports Betting

top 5 books Sharp Sports Betting - Top 5 Books on Sports Betting That You Must Read

By – Stanford Wong

If you want to be a successful bettor then you must read this book. It is also considered to be the bible of sports betting. You will learn from the basics to the trickiest parts of sports betting. This book will teach you how to think like a winning bettor.

Fixed-Odds Sports Betting

top 5 books Fixed Odds Sports Betting - Top 5 Books on Sports Betting That You Must Read

By – Joseph Buchdal

This book will teach you how to beat the bookmaker, risk management strategies, how to protect your profits, and more. You will get lots of tips to win bets on different sports.

The Signal & the Noise

top 5 books The Signal the Noise - Top 5 Books on Sports Betting That You Must Read

By – Nate Silver

The author is great at predicting baseball and elections. He is a great author and his predictions have turned out to be almost accurate. He has developed a system for predicting the performance of baseball.

You will learn how to pick the actual signal from a bunch of noisy data. He uses statistical tools and reads historical data to analyze each match.

Weighing the Odds in Sports Betting

top 5 books Weighing the Odds in Sports Betting - Top 5 Books on Sports Betting That You Must Read

By – King Yao

This book covers the basics of sports betting. You will also get to know about some of the advanced concepts of sports betting. There are sections on hedging, middling, etc. You will find useful information on betting on different sports.

If you are serious about sports betting then you must read these books. The books contain lots of information on sports betting.

You will be able to learn how to analyze the various historical data and make a calculated prediction. You must read some of these books to become a professional sports bettor.


Top 4 Social Events in Sports Betting this year

Since sports betting has been legalized in a number of states in the US, people are getting more curious about it. More people are now participating in this type of bets. Sports betting is now legal in Pennsylvania as well. However, only recently there has been some growth in this market.

If you live in Pennsylvania and have an interest in sports betting then you can learn more about sports betting by participating in different social events related to sports betting.

A number of social events are held across the US and other countries so that people can learn more about it. Here are some top events that you can attend this year.

social events people sitting - Top 4 Social Events in Sports Betting this year

Betting on Sports America 2019

Betting on Sports America is one of the largest events in the US on sports betting. It will attract about 1,500 executives from sports betting, casinos, lotteries, and other sectors. Nearly 200 speakers will speak on various topics related to the sports betting market.

There will be about 60 exhibitors in the event. You will be able to attend dinner parties and it will be a great opportunity for networking and business.

Date: 23 – 25 April

Venue: New Jersey

All American Sports Betting Summit

Sports has a special place in the hearts of Americans and they enjoy betting on different sports. Football and baseball, in particular, are the most loved games. The recent laws passed in regard to sports betting has created a huge opportunity in this market.

If you are into sports betting or want to open your own sports betting shop, then you should participate in this event.

Whether you live in Pennsylvania or any other state, you can come to New Jersey for this event and learn a lot of things about this industry from the professionals.

The event will be attended by internationally acclaimed sports betting professionals. They will share their secrets of success in this market.

Date: 18 – 19 June

Venue: New Jersey

Betting on Sports

It is one of the largest sports betting conferences in the world.  If you are part of this gaming industry then you must participate in this event. There will be more than 3,000 high-level delegates and nearly 300 industry best speakers who will be talking at this event. There will be more than 60 conference sessions.

Date: 17 – 20 September

Venue: Lonon, UK

There will be a huge exhibition area with more than 140 exhibitors. There will be a Hall of Fame Awards night and networking party where you will get to meet the best people in the industry. This event can create new business opportunities for you.

These events give you a platform to learn and exchange ideas. You get to meet the best people from the industry and learn from their experience.

If you are thinking of opening a sports betting business in Pennsylvania then it’s a wonderful opportunity for you to learn more about this industry and find out about the growth aspect of this market.

You will be able to find your perfect business partner as well by participating in these events.


4 Things you should know about Sports Betting in Pennsylvania

Recently, sports betting in Pennsylvania has been legalized. It is the seventh state to declare sports betting to be legal. This is very good news for those living in Pennsylvania and who are eager to gamble. Here are some things you should know about sports betting in Pennsylvania.


sports betting pn sportsbook - 4 Things you should know about Sports Betting in Pennsylvania

Sports betting was legalized in Pennsylvania in October 2017. There are now eight sportsbooks in Pennsylvania which include SugarHouse, Rivers Casino, Parx, etc. All of them are quite popular now and doing good business. Soon, there will be more sportsbooks.

Online Betting

sports betting pn online betting - 4 Things you should know about Sports Betting in Pennsylvania

Online betting is yet to be introduced in Pennsylvania. But it’s going to be soon. A number of sportsbooks are already working on their apps to start online betting. If you want to bet online, you don’t need to be a resident of Pennsylvania; however, you must stay in Pennsylvania while betting.

The betting app has geolocation technology that will find out your location before you will be able to place a bet.


sports betting pn payments - 4 Things you should know about Sports Betting in Pennsylvania

The transactions will be similar to that in New Jersey. Using the app, you will be able to do all your banking. You will be able to deposit or withdraw money using debit cards, credit cards, eWallets, bank transfers, eChecks, etc.

Gambling tax

sports betting pn gambling tax - 4 Things you should know about Sports Betting in Pennsylvania

The gambling tax in Pennsylvania is the highest among all the other states. Most states have a tax rate of 10% to 20%. In Nevada, it is only 7% and in Pennsylvania, it is 36%. This tax has to be paid by the casinos from their profit. The individual bettor doesn’t have to pay the tax.

In the past gambling was prohibited anywhere outside Nevada. But things have changed now. Like Pennsylvania, sports betting has been made legal in a number of other states as well and more states will make it legal in future too.

The high gambling tax is a problem for the casino owners in Pennsylvania. It will discourage people to start sports betting businesses.

However, the casino owners in Pennsylvania are hopeful that the law will change soon and they will be able to pay a tax similar to that in other states.


4 Football Parties you should attend in Pennsylvania

When it comes to the NFL’s biggest games, nothing matters. The Super Bowl is one of the biggest sports events of the year and it will draw millions of football fans from around the world. It will be telecast live on various TV channels.

Thousands of people will buy tickets to watch the matches live in the stadium.

However, if you live in Pennsylvania, then you will have a lot of things to do too. The casinos and sports betting shops offer a number of events and parties during this time. It can be fun to participate in these parties and get along with the other NFL fans.

On the day of Super Bowl, you will be able to make legal bets and join various parties at the casinos and sports betting shops. There will be bikini models, drinks and a chance to win $100,000 in cash prizes.

A number of casinos in Pennsylvania are offering parties that will be very appealing to the fans of football. People often throw private parties as well to celebrate. Here are some parties you can join.

Harrah’s Philadelphia

There will be a party from 6 pm to 10 pm. There will be draws, free play opportunities. There will be a prize pool of $1,000. The ticket to the party will cost $29 that will include foods. Drinks will be available, but you will need to buy them separately.

Lady Luck Nemacolin

You will get the opportunity to win money or get slot free play for every goal, turnover, etc. during the match. If you are a Fan Club member, you will get to play slots and table games. There will be cash prizes and free play opportunities.

Mount Airy Casino Resort

You need to be 21 years old or older to enter this party. The cost of a ticket is $15. You will see bikini models all around you and you will have a fun time here.


You will be able to join the party, have drinks and food. There are two big TV screens where you can watch the match along with many others and cheer for your favorite team. There are sports betting kiosks to place your bet.

If you are a football fan then there is nothing like participating in some of these parties. You will enjoy watching the match with hundreds of other crazy football fans. The excitement of watching a football match will reach a new level at these parties.

47322? w=540 - 4 Football Parties you should attend in Pennsylvania

From Visually.


Top 6 Sports Betting Shops in Pennsylvania

Since sports betting has been legal in Pennsylvania, there has been a huge growth in the number of sports betting shops. So, people now have more options to bet. Here are the top sports betting shops that you can visit to bet on your favorite sport this year.

SugarHouse Sportsbook

It is one of the first betting shops in Pennsylvania to offer sports betting. People come here to wager on major sports events like the NBA, NFL, and more. They are also launching a sports betting app soon. So, you will be able to bet online as well.

Parx Sportsbook

This betting shop is already accepting mobile bets as well. They will soon have their own betting app. They are working towards customizing their offerings to stand out from the others.

sports betting shops money computer - Top 6 Sports Betting Shops in Pennsylvania

Rivers Casino

It is also a popular sport betting shop in Pennsylvania. Like the others, they are also investing in an online sportsbook. They will compete with the other big names in the market.

FanDuel Sportsbook

This sports betting shop has a partnership with Valley Forge Casino and Resort. The shop has been opened recently but has become quite popular. They will launch their sports betting app soon.


This shop is visited by bettors all year round. You can bet on major sports events here. They will be launching their app this year.


They are in partnership with Mohegan Sun Pocono and is one of the biggest sports betting shops in Pennsylvania. They will launch their popular sports betting apps soon.

Sports betting is extremely exciting and fun. All these shops offer various features and bonuses to the bettors. They might not provide the same betting options. So, you should shop around and find a shop that will match your preference.

You should always follow the tournaments and have knowledge about the players’ statistics before betting. That way, your chance of winning the bet will increase.