To Europe with Love: Part 2

10/25/2010 by SdotMilla

Second installment of the European es Tour on the Thrasher site. You can watch it here or below

Picks of the week

10/23/2010 by SdotMilla

With fall here it's time to keep the ol bod warm and dry. Check out the Huf rain jacket to stay warm and dry getting around the city. When you're kickin it inside or out skating, rep Philadelphia's board company Voyage with their beanie and large back graphic hoodie. Lastly, Krooked just released "Krooked 3-D". I haven't seen it yet, but I'm sure it's amazing and probably the only successful 3-D skateboard video (remember Almost did some horrible clip in their video years ago to a Journey song). You can see pics and some animated sequences at Thrasher. And coincidentally I picked the Krooked Drehobl board. 8.3 inches wide, perfect to get your tranny game up. Lastly, the Bobby Worrest es shoes that look sick and keep your ankles from breaking off.


To Europe With Love

10/19/2010 by SdotMilla

Check out Exit's own Jimmy McDonald ripping with some of the best dudes in skateboarding (Rick McCrank and John Rattray) in Europe on the Thrasher site. I think there's even a clip of him signing some autographs. Keep ripping Jimmy!

New HOPPS order just in

10/18/2010 by SdotMilla


We got a bunch of new HOPPS stuff in today. Boards from 7.75 up to 8.25, cruiser wheels, and the new snap backs.

Habitat Premier Photos

10/15/2010 by SdotMilla

The premier turned out really rad. People showed up to watch the video despite the bad weather. It was so crowded at the shop that I watched the last few parts outside through the window. Got a chance to watch what I missed after the official premier was over. It was my first time seeing a part from Austin Gillette and he RIPPED it. I know a lot of you are Silas fans, but I think Austin had my favorite part. Who's part was your favorite?


Pat gives the video a beer and a thumbs up.


Mike and Andrew looking surprised, not really sure what they saw.


B.Rad and the shoe collection.


Packed house


Steve and Jesse looking blurry.


Waldo's in here somewhere.




Poaching footy.


Tagged up van in the background.


Scott's a Budweiser guy.


A lot of blonde dudes in this picture.

Habitat Origin Premier

10/14/2010 by SdotMilla

No more Piazza tonight due to rain. The premier is going to be at Exit. Be there at 7 for signing. Video starts at 8. See you there.


Philthy Phil Jackson

10/13/2010 by SdotMilla

Besides skateboards and the doohickeys that accompany them, what else does a skateshop really have?...

  • An endless supply of free shitty energy drinks.
  • The ability to invoke an almost undeniable urge to NEVER have kids.
  • 2 hour work days spread out over 8 hours of shit talking, video watching, and adult beverages
  • A solid crew of awesome dudes.

You know the kind of dudes who just stink of unfiltered talent and creativity. The kind of guys blood sucking corporations and ad agencies give their 1st born sons to exploit for that new "IT".

We are proud to say Phil Jackson is our stinky talented friend. Both his skateboarding and his photography make it possible to ride shotgun on that "I just don't give a fuck" ride you always wanted to take. Pack all your shit in a bag, jump in an old hoopty, travel, skate hard, live careless and somehow record it in a such an amazing manner guys like me look at it, and just fucking hate our lives.

Check out Phil's website and follow his new found journey on the interwebs... I am willing to bet it won't last long. Until later... Keep it PHILTHY


Beauty and The Beast 3

10/06/2010 by SdotMilla

Stay Gold Deluxe Edition

09/07/2010 by SdotMilla

Available NOW at EXIT.


Featuring never before seen photography, the Stay Gold - The Emerica Video: Deluxe Edition Book contains photographs of the Emerica team over the last ten years by legendary skateboarding photographers Ed Templeton, Michael Burnett, Atiba Jefferson, and Mike O’Meally. Curated by team-mate Ed Templeton, the book is a personal and inside look at life with the Emerica team.

From the introduction by Ed Templeton: “The images contained inside this book are a testament to the longevity of the Emerica family, and are the kind of candid photos that document both the joy and the nightmares of what it’s like to be constantly traveling and endeavoring to create a video part at the highest level. Anyone who has ever gone on a skate trip with some friends or tried to film or be filmed skateboarding will immediately feel the connection and the common thread that connects all skateboarders together.”

Stay Gold Recap

09/02/2010 by SdotMilla

Tuesday night's Stay Gold Premier was a ton of fun. The first show filled up so fast they had to have a second showing. Besides to $4 Miller lite that I bought, the Prince theater was rad. Here's pictures from the show. By the way, Brandon Westgate probably had the best part.