Dennis McGrath for Huf

05/20/2010 by SdotMilla

We will be the ONLY shop in the Tri-State carrying this line of Boards and Tees, and only have a limited amount available. Check the video about the project here and more photos after the jump. WARNING NSFW and YOU MUST BE 18+



05/12/2010 by SdotMilla

Exit will be Philadelphia's Exclusive Dealer of HUF Footwear coming VERY VERY SOON...

Children Of Clay

05/02/2010 by SdotMilla

The multi-talented skate rat that is Jon Bocksel has put out a Super 8 short shot in New York City, San Fran, Chicago, Philadelphia and the highways and bi-ways of the Smokey Mountains. I have always enjoyed the work Jon has done. His Photos, Paintings, and Video Work always capture the grit and grime that rides shotgun with skate culture. Here is a quick glimpse from his film "Children of Clay" (available HERE). We are also really excited to have Jon apart of our "Deck Heads 3" group art show coming up on May 7th!

Jon Bocksel Super 8mm from Jon Bocksel on Vimeo.

Jimmy Gets Slapped

04/29/2010 by SdotMilla

I try to avoid the Slap Message board like the bloody plague, but you can't help but notice the influence it has over the skateboard community... First source for news (or gossip most times), a cesspool of hating on everything under the sun, a reminder that their are is in fact another coast besides the east (who knew?), but most times it serves as a window to gaze into the dark soul of skateboarding.

Well the boys on the board have started a petition to get ol Jimmy a piece of the the big ol pie in the sky. It's awesome to see support for guys like Jimmy who happens to be one of the best dudes on AND off a skateboard. Unfortunately I don't have an account on the message board nor do I think these things are decided that way but like always I have 2 thumbs way up for you Jimbo.

By the way have you seen this video people are talking about "This Time Tomorrow"!?!?!

Lucien Clarke

by SdotMilla

Congrats Mate!


Deck Heads 3

04/27/2010 by SdotMilla

Exit Philadelphia Presents "Deck Heads 3" A Group Art Show on Skateboard Decks.


This year we decided to go all out for our annual skateboard art show. We managed to get over 80 of the most talented artist around to contribute to this years show and also recruited help from 3 of Philadelphia's favorite galleries Amberella, Jinxed, and Jolie Laide for a special collaborative project. This will be a night to remember. Never before has Philly been able to pack this much art, skateboarding, and Philly Love into 4 walls!

Hope to See you there!

For List of Artist's Showing at "Deck Heads 3"


The Watched Site

04/26/2010 by SdotMilla

Sometimes it's hard not to feel like the skateboarding industry hasn't given up on the Philadelphia Area. Thinking back to the days when everyone who was somebody was calling this city home, but when push came to shove most bailed as quick as they could get a Chinatown bus ticket out of this place. But it will never be the "SOMEBODYs" that make a scene strong, it's the "NOBODYs". The Nine to Fivers working full time jobs, and still managing to start a company, open a shop, build a park, film a video, or simply JUST SKATE. Not for some companies paycheck but for the love of Skateboarding.

This year alone we have seen so much amazing shit go down, and Chris Mulhern's "This Time Tomorrow" and Phil Gushue's "Spot On" will undoubtedly show a city alive and pushing. Followed up by another one from our longtime friend Sean McGinnes "The Watched" will surely join the ranks as a local powerhouse. Check out the trailer and his brand new site with updates, interviews, and other video details.

Picture 3

Keep Pushing Philadelphia.

“55 Nights on Your Couch”

04/25/2010 by SdotMilla

This winter the 5boro crew hopped in the van and hit the road for two months to film for their new full length video. Every dude packed one backpack and a grip of boards and piled in... Then PILED OUT on couches across the country. 5boro is a huge part of the Exit family and we are hyped on this new short film! If 5boro is ever in your town make sure to open your doors and show them the love... Just make sure they don't leave anything suspect behind!

Twitter Weekly Updates

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Papa Shep

by SdotMilla

So for the first time in a longggg time Rocket Cat Cafe in Fishtown wasn't pack with the usual dirty, powerbook packing, vegan muffin snacking bohemians... They were instead on the the streets with none other then Papa Shep aka Shepard Fairey as he put up new works on the side of the local cafe.


Photo by: Chris Sembot

I hear a lot of opinions when it comes to Fairey and his work, some good some bad, but The man and his mission are both undeniably the truth. It's near impossible to walk any city streets with out staring into the eyes of at least one Andre the Giant, and with over 1 million (and counting) "obey" pieces around the world this mans work has made a permanent home in most peoples skulls. Not to mention him doing a little work for some dudes political campaign not to long ago. So it really does leave me confused when the "patron saints of hip" at the end of the bar, or outside their U of Arts dorms cry "Sell Out"... This was never for YOU to hold, to horde, to call your own. If a man racks up a kinko's bill in the 6 digit range chances are the public WILL be forced to notice...

Fairey has done so much work for Skateboarding over the years it's impossible not to respect the mans body of work... But how about his mach 10 mini ramp front smiths??? John Freeborn and Ben Woodward (cough DECK HEADS 3 cough) put together a video in 94-95 for their small company "GoodandEvil" and there's tons of great footage of Shepard and friends at his old studio in Rhode Island killing his mini ramp. Worth a Watch! Also go see "Exit through the Gift Shop" pretty damn entertaining.